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The Waters of Death and Life

In 2019 I was awarded an Early Career Research Grant from the Association of Southeast Asian Studies UK (ASEASUK) to turn my PhD research into multi-media stories. The impetus for this project came from research participants themselves; they wanted "the world to know about their lives" and they wanted to see the results of the research they (co)produced. Even if research participants were fluent English speakers, the complexity of academic content and the years it would take for articles / books to be published from my PhD presented stumbling blocks to access. Moreover, whilst the research might eventually reach academic audiences, that reach would (probably) be small. Therefore, collaborating with illustrator Ben Thomas, and film maker Pip Cree ethnographic and interview vignettes went through a process of retrospective (re)presentation.

Score in the video was composed by Pete Myson. #watersofdeathandlife

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