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'Drive to School' Film Premiere at Coventry Cathedral!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I am super excited that Drive to School will be premiered at the historic Coventry Cathedral as part of the Rising Global Peace Forum

10th November at 16:40pm.

Drive to School is a short film that documents the motivations of young Christian missionaries Charles and Ai who are striving to bring education and hope to Cambodia’s stateless children. Moved by witnessing the vulnerability to prostitution these children face to make ends meet, they attempt to offer alternative routes to learning and employment. Not without challenges along the way.

After the viewing I, Charlie Rumsby, will be discussing the film, the subject it raises and the making of. I hope you can join us!

This is a hybrid event so you can be there in person or join us online. Register for the conference and film screening by clicking this link

Dr Charlie Rumsby is a writer, film maker and an anthropologist who has researched the issue of statelessness in Cambodia since 2013. Charlie is interested in capturing the work of those people who stand in the gap for marginalised communities, bringing peace and hope. This is her first ethno-documentary created in collaboration with friend and fellow film maker Pip Cree.

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