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Research Spotlight: ReFashion Study

Howdy folks. Hope you are all well and the sun is enhancing your smiles. Here in the U.K., winter felt like it lingered far too long, but it is now almost over. In the Midlands - the most beautiful part of England - days have been warmer, and there have been blue skies. Yay!

I want to promote an important project: 'ReFashion Study' that is documenting the lives of 200 women garment workers in Cambodia through Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world and its workers in a multitude of ways. It might feel like a disconnected reality, but the high streets of the U.K., and abroad, are stocked with garments and footwear that are made in the factories of Cambodia. You might even be wearing them as you read this.

How has Covid-19 impacted the lives of women who make your clothes? How do women deal with the changes in supply chains? During the Covid-19 crisis, how have women dealt with each stage?

What impacts have an unstable and fast changing work environment had on home life and the family? These are some of the questions this project seeks to answer.

The Refashion Study started in September 2020 and now the superb team of researchers are presenting some of the project's earliest findings.

Want to find out more?

Registration now open for #LSEPostCOVID book launch where you can hear the @ReFashionStudy's lessons on #COVID19 in #Cambodia & learn from experiences elsewhere. Register here

Project Outputs

Book Chapter


Research Brief 1: How is COVID-19 impacting food security for workers in Cambodia’s garment industry? (2021) English | Khmer

Listen to the first ReFashion Khmer radio talk show hosted with Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia here.

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