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ASEASUK Digital Impact Award: ethnographic film making

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

This term has been so jam packed with bid writing, working with the fabulous Susanne Wessendorf (helping set up her exciting project on Migrant Arrival - check it out) and teaching, that I haven't had much time to share some very exciting news: I won the Association of Southeast Asian Studies UK Digital Impact Award.

Standing in The Gap: “The God School”

This grant will enable me to complete a piece of collaborative work I began with film maker Pip Cree in 2019. Together we want to create a short film about Christian mission in Cambodia. Cambodia, a predominantly Buddhist society, is currently the 9th fastest growing Christian country per capita in the world.[1] The growth of Christianity is what inspired me to understand the motivations of missionaries, who come from other Southeast Asian nations, to live and serve in Cambodia. The digital project is based on research into the provision of informal education and training, delivered by a mission organisation, to young people of ethnic Vietnamese decent that do not receive education, or skills-based training, from the Cambodian state. Focusing on the daily routine of these missionaries, we capture their daily spiritual practices and the interventions they make into the lives of excluded young people. I am really excited about this project. You can see how this journey unfolds on the dedicated webpage. Stay safe and stay tuned...


[1] Philip Coggan, ‘The Rapid Growth of Christianity in Cambodia’ [2016] Herald Malaysia Online.

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